Friday, October 5, 2012


Since I'm pretty sure no one even reads this blog I am thinking about integrating other mediums into film/writing/thoughts/lyrics. I am much more of an existential person then to just have a blog dedicated to music. I love writing, I currently write screenplays(for class) I am in film production courses and my love for the arts goes way beyond just music. Im not doing this because no one reads it and I want more viewers, quite the contrary, since it seems so private why not make it more personal? I think I would feel much more dedicated and connected to my blog if I integrated other mediums. But what comes with this decision is the fact that I feel like maybe I should change the layout? I LOVE the clean crisp feeling my blog has right now, but what about my writing? If you can't even see where I've written something you might not read it. Maybe I'm talking to a wall, or creepy russian hackers, but I would LOVE some feedback on these ideas. Bueller? Bueller?

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