Friday, October 5, 2012


Today I feel I need to address one of my biggest enemies, hangovers. Its like why do I have to pay for having so much fun? Even when you don't have fun and get weird drunk by 11pm and pass out you still have to pay with a hangover. I hate them its like the older I get the worse they get. I guess my poor body is exhausted from the party abuse I have put it through for the past six years, but seriously, now, I just can't avoid them!. The reason I feel I need to address this today is because I am ridiculously hungover. I don't want to eat, I can't really sleep, I can't get off the couch, like WHAT am I supposed to do? Be the most worthless human being possible? I love being lazy but worthless is NOT my style. Meh..maybe I will call Jimmy Johns, maybe I will find the energy to reach for the remote. All of my technology is on low battery and Im not sure if I will even care to charge it. Today sucks. Not to mention I woke up FIVE minutes before my conference date with my teacher, I am a hot mess running out the door, drinking water out of a measuring cup. Not even sure if I have a bra on I rush to campus, finding a place to park by 11:32. It is disgusting and hot outside, I grabbed wool yoga pants in my zombie abyss of leaving my apartment. Wool yoga pants are a recipe for disaster in any situation. I have NO idea where the building is, I rush to check my email to find her office. After unsuccessfully opening ten emails I find the building and number, to realize its on the other side of campus. Im pissed. I look like shit, still unsure if I have a bra on, my hair is in some weird half pony, I don't give a fuck. I am on a mission to find her office, after searching and lots of weird stares and possible butt crack showings I make it. To my surprise the door is locked and closed. She is not even there. Come to find out she was stuck in a meeting. Fucking hangovers.

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