Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I really love this video. Lana Del Rey recently released her music video "Ride." The song is featured on her recent sampler : Born to die: The Paradise Edition. Not only are three new tracks included but older hits of hers(Blue Jeans, Born to die) are also on the sampler.Her monologue in the beginning and end is very fitting with the song. Personally I feel the lyrics are beautiful and thought provoking. I love LDR as an artists because she is original, although some view her as just another "sultry" singer I feel she steps out of those boundaries because she writes most of her own songs. True talent as a music artist is not only compiling harmonies and beats but being able to intellectually evaluate what words should go with them. To me she always is spot on in her choices and her music is very relatable. I can always find a song of hers that speaks deeply to me during dark and worrisome moods. The video is lengthy(10 minutes) but I love artists that put effort into putting out original music videos. As a film student I hope to one day explore the career field of music video production. If only I could make one of her videos one day I would be a very happy girl. Enjoy-

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