Monday, August 13, 2012

Poor Gnarnia

This weekend Beech Mountain held Gnarnia the Festival. The weekend proved to be filled with bliss, music, magic, and freedom on top of the highest point on the east coast. Artists featured included Papadosio, Conspirator, Emancipator, and 12th planet.Instead it was filled with police enforcement and over 490 felony arrests. Although I did not attend the festival I had high hopes for the festival, and the last thing I thought would happen seemed to have happened. Unlike larger festivals, Gnarnians seemed to be there for the music and vibes, although it was advertised it felt a lot less mainstream and commercialized. A page has arisen on Facebook Destroy Gnarnia the Festival and is rumored to be ran by the police department(skeptical) I couldn't even scroll down the page and read the mean comments people had made. The hosts of Gnarnia never intended to have such a strong cop presence at the festival and are more than likely extremely disappointed of the literal and metaphorical bust of the past weekend. Poor gnarnia, although I wish to see you come back strong next year, the ship might have sailed.

Is it too soon to say R.I.P Gnarnia?
If are some songs by artists featured at the festival to help you cope.
Hope it helps.

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