Monday, August 20, 2012


I have no idea whats going on, last week was like a musical gold rush, and this week I cannot find one song that even tickles my fancy. So I will bring it back to a song I meant to three weeks ago..before this blog was even conceived. Grizzly Bear is the brainchild indie rock band of Edward Droste who was later joined by three other members; Christopher Bear(origin of grizzly bear?) Chris Taylor and Daniel Rossen. These boys have been squeezing into skinny jeans and straightening their locks since 2005, its time they get some legitimate credit. Beyonce and Jay Z seem to enjoy jamming to them at Coachella so hopefully you will too. Their new single Yet Again is pretty freaking amazing, it reminds me of being stoned on a long car drive, SO MANY REVELATIONS paired with mild paranoia. Im done typing, I just want you to listen to the song already.

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