Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Cudder is back, and thank the lord he's smoking weed again. His new single Just What I am (ft. King Chip) proves to go heads to head in quality with some of his older songs. I must say personally as a Cudi fan, I am so happy to have the transy vocals and outer space like beats back, in comparison to Erase me, Cudi should not try to go pop, stay with what ya know. Obviously its beautiful Artist Direct gave the track 5 out of 5 stars applauding Cudi for being able to "continually evolve without ever losing his identity, which is an art in itself." Cheers Cudi, I knew you could do it! Now I'm going to go roll some sticky and understand this song an a whole different level. Enjoy, download link included.

"Weed is what you make it"

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