Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Works & Current Projects

Whoever reads this blog may not be aware that I am currently in school with a major in English and a minor in Film Studies. As a creative person I like to feel that my life revolves around capturing something greater from emotions and thoughts. I look to my environment,peers,strangers,and other artists as inspiration and believe that film captures an array of thoughts/emotions/experience through sight and sound. With that being said I have included a link to my vimeo page which broadcasts all of my current work that has been completed. The first film I ever made was a documentary on my grandma who is the care taker to my grandpa who suffers from dementia(I have included it below). It is crazy to think that at one time I was almost in tears over not knowing how to render or edit in final cut pro, and to this day I am still learning and growing. Over the summer I hope to thoroughly educate myself in every Adobe software program as well as more advanced editing with Final Cut. I think everyone can learn something from taking a look at their first works. You have the ideas but you don't have the skill, and it is crazy to watch what I create now to what I first created(and kind of embarrassing). I have a lot of exciting events and projects planned for the summer that I will go into detail on in another post, including two music videos, a documentary, and a commercial for a photography company. Although I have already tasted the sweet burn of rejection from a festival I submitted work to, I feel this was only more inspiration to turn myself into a self made and self educated filmmaker with the skills to exceed my peers.

My first film ever(so cut me some slack!)

Vimeo Page

hope you enjoy my early works and feel free to give me your opinion!

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