Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Today I pulled up my blog, clicked on the pencil, and stared at a blank post waiting for creation. Then a thought came over me, I have absolutely no idea what to post. As much as I like saving my readers from mundane and overplayed music, some part of my being was refusing to create a music post. My thoughts went to film..hmm..Django Unchained..talk about how I don't like Tarantino(gasp)..no too cliche..what else..writing..umm..music videos...um tobacco..um I don't know. After a quick peak into my indecisive mind I realized something. Sometimes we don't need to post about something popular, cool, wanted, sometimes, for our sakes, we should just post whatever the hell we want to. I haven't updated my blog in quite sometime and maybe one of the reasons was for the fact I was afraid people wouldn't read it, they'd skim over my writing, listen to the song, and carry on with their day. Although I have no idea what you people do when you look at my blog, and this is not an inspirational post about doing what makes you happy, I think my blog should be what I want it to be. Not sure what exactly that is, but thats how I like it. So closing thoughts---this is not an inspirational post, if you find it inspiring, thank you.

Anyways, lately I have been doing absolutely nothing and I like it. I recently have been on a nostalgia kick, including but not limited to watching every movie from the Harry Potter series, multiple times. After viewing The Hobbit(LOVED IT) at Cinnebarre with a pitcher of beer, I rekindled my love for LOTR which spawned a Lord of The Rings viewing party. Re-watching the movies I fell in love with as a strange middle schooler made me realize something about my creative process. It has always been there. It is exciting to re-watch movies and appreciate elements like cinematography, editing, shots, and POV which I didn't latch onto at first, but obviously something drew me into movies even as a child. I always loved the idea of telling a story, but not limited to books, a story with music, emotion, elements(natural and metaphorical). It was like you were capable of invoking so much more than human emotion. You could create worlds, whole worlds, different from our own but alike. Movies allow you to travel, they allow you to dream, and sometimes they allow(or force) you to be realistic. For movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter I have come to the realization I am, and have been my whole life, obsessed with other worlds than our own. The idea of creating this story outside of our precious earth, before the time of "man", or hidden from muggles is so tantalizing to me. The pure fact you can escape this earth and experience another one. Ive never been a fan of sic-fi really so Im not talking like outerspace multiple universes, I mean a world we can relate to but not our own. Its the factor of escapism without going anywhere. Sometimes I hate people, and I hate America, and I think everyone is fat and lazy, all I have to do is pop in two towers, watch a bunch or orcs destroy people, stress for middle earth, worry about Frodo and the ring, drool over Legolas, and BAM I'm currently on a free vacation away from the stresses of this earth. By the time its over, I'm envious and enticed by this other world, but somewhat appreciative of my own. Film and writing is a great element of escape and creation. I admire J.R.R Tolkien and J.K Rowling for creating this WHOLE world outside our own. With its characters, language, cultures, civilization. I am amazed at the depths of the human imagination. Which leads me to believe, everyone could come up with some ideal "earth" in their head. Maybe not to the creative genius as J.R.R Tolkien, but there is some kind of imagination in everyone. I wonder what earths people would create. Cartoon earths, the animation people and the real people dualing for TV time, an earth where humans cater to dogs, an earth where sharks can walk and they're constantly at war with the humans. Although these are just ramblings in my brain, it can all be created. What earth would you create and what earth thus far has been created in your favorite film/book/etc?

Today I leave you with "The Riders of Rohan" from the Two Towers. Beautiful piece!Thats all

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