Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This song gave me legitimate chills. I have been following Bassnectar since about 08 and remember the first time I saw him in a dirty dance hall with about 60 other concert attendees, we were there for the bass, the drops, and the drugs. This song gets dirty, it gets deep, I love the vocals. Surprise though, the bass never really drops or has its own little moment, it more so just goes along with the vocals to accompany into a deep discovery of where bass music can take you. I love when Bassnectar uses vocal edits on his songs, it just goes to prove his genius as an artists. It reminded me of Seek and Destroy, one of his earlier tracks released in the summer of 09. Hope you enjoy and try to catch him in tour this fall if you're able to get a ticket before they sell out!

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